Life Insurance: Our Foundation

Life insurance the cornerstone to a solid financial plan. Our clients include families, small businesses (as well as their employees) nonprofit organizations and government agencies. A percentage (30% of our profit, generated through the sale of Life Insurance, Financial Services and government contracting) is allocated to various investments within the communities of color and helps to fund various financial endeavors. We believe in giving back!

Financial Mentorship: The Future

As a Public Benefit Corporation and Cooperative Organization we partner with various non-profits and community focused initiatives that positively impact the places in which we do business. Organizations like Operation Hope and The My Brother's Keeper Initiative and most recently "Ethos for Good" name a few.

Portfolio Management

We are currently in the process of creating a Discount Registered Investment Advisory Firm with the specific goal of providing portfolio management to the communities that we serve, the revenue generated from the advisory fees will be recirculated and used to fund our various impact fund endeavors. We have a world-class platform that utilizes the latest in artificial intelligence planning to help ensure the financial success of our clients. The platform and software that we use currently manages over $1 trillion in assets.


Our overarching goal is to create an inclusive economy in the places that we do business, a shelter from the sometimes predatory economy that can sometimes prey on vulnerable communities. We are creating financial solutions specifically designed to serve the underserved. We believe in servant leadership!