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A Public Benefit Corp.

We are a disruptive team of diverse professionals specializing in creative financial solutions.

Demetrius Rayden Johnson, the President and Founding Member of DSquared Financial Group, PBC., is a licensed agency owner, public speaker and experienced investment professional. He frequently conducts presentations on retirement income, as well as national training events for financial professionals on tax free retirement income planning strategies. He has been featured on The Obama Foundation Website for his work with the the My Brothers Keeper Initiative, The Denver Business Journal and Colorado Public Radio as well as HNC Let's Talk Radio Podcasts. His work in the financial services industry started in high school where he worked as a teller at a local credit union. He has since gone on to be a Stock Broker, Investment Wholesaler, Wealth Management Consultant and Board Member for the Colorado Secured Savings Program. Demetrius has advocated for the abolishment of predatory loans and is a strategic business partner with Operation Hope and founding member of the Financial Equity Coalition.  His firm commits a minimum of 30% to be reinvested in the communities his agencies serve. Financial Education is his passion. He is the Creator of the AI enhanced data analytics Debt to Wealth Program.

In the founding of DSquared Financial Group, PBC he has vowed to always offer clients a wide array of time-tested financial products and services and to help them protect and then manage their assets to reach their goals, while avoiding the inherent conflicts of interest that exist within the investment broker and advisory models. Something truly unique has been created, a new way to help families and businesses plan for their financial future with no investment broker commissions or unnecessary advisory fees. 

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Life Insurance: A Solid Foundation 

Life insurance is the foundation of a solid financial plan. Our clients include families, small businesses (as well as their employees) nonprofit organizations and government agencies. A percentage (30% of our profit, generated through the sale of Life Insurance and various financial services) is allocated to community investments and helps to fund various financial endeavors. We believe in giving back! Get a Quote

Introducing First Portfolio: Our Children are the Future!

As a Public Benefit Corporation and Cooperative Organization we partner with various non-profits and community focused initiatives that positively impact the places in which we do business. Organizations like Operation Hope and The My Brother's Keeper Initiative and most recently "Ethos for Good" to name a few.

Ethos x Roc Nation Sports

For our first ‘Ethos for Good’ initiative, with the help of Roc Nation Sports, we partnered with five professional basketball players & local organizations to help make an impact in their hometowns. The players and their organizations of choice include: